The new type of nonprofit for the new type of generation​​
Who is TEAR, Inc.
 TEAR is a new type of nonprofit for a new type of generation. A Christian, faith based, organization that works to remove the limitations and barriers of various "At Risk" populations. By creating a unique environment with a strong support system, we help individuals work to find and develop their faith, skills, abilities, motivation, educational goals and most of all, personal growth. All participants of TEAR enjoy a life time of support through our alumni association, various local and national partnerships, and church missions support.

TEAR’s focus is on community support by opening doors and opportunities, we help at risk populations find stable career pathways. By working together, we can create a model for success and help remove the “at risk” barriers.
​Young Adult
Our young adult community is one of the most undervalued populations today. Young adults bring a vast amount of knowledge and ability, but there are few organizations that are built to help, that is where TEAR comes in.
Single Fathers
An over looked population, single fathers still fall under an "At Risk" population that are in need of education and support. We work to provide both, while we drive the importance of building strong family relationships.
Our misson focus...
Justice Involved
TEAR, Inc.’s organization focus is to help all "At Risk" populations. In the state of Arizona we have narrowed down these populations to put an emphasis on: 

"At Risk" Young Adult. Individuals ages 18 to 28.

"At Risk" Single Fathers. Individuals looking for or needing guidance in their family and career lives. Focusing on ages 35 and under.

"At Risk" Justice Involved. Individuals, under the age of 35 with less than 10 years of state housing, who have the desire to make a positive change in their lives. 
Justice involved is one of the most underserved populations in the United States. By offering competency based skills and community involvement, TEAR looks to bring sustainable employment to this underserved population.

Putting action into "At Risk" populations of America
Christian Community Partners
TEAR is partnering with a local, non domination church to create a foundation of faith and support beyond our organization. 
Faith Based
TEAR works to help you find "faith" in our Lord, but also faith, believing in yourself that success is possible... faith, that gaining education will propel you further in your life... faith, that your career choice will surpass all of your goals and expectations...
Personal Growth
Supporting our community
TEAR helps provide you a path for success, but your story moves well beyond us, and allows you the ability for your own personal growth and achievement.
TEAR works to support our "At Risk" population in many ways beyond our Teach, Educate At Risk foundation. Our alumni program allows for continued relationships outside of our program walls. We also partner with various other nonprofits that provide services above and reaching past our scope.
Creating stepping stones for the 
"At Risk" population

Corporate Sponsors 

National Networks

Your Future 

Working with employers throughout the state of Arizona. We are proud to be represented by these employers with continuous contributions that TEAR, Inc. is able to put toward achieving our mission. We would personally like to thank these employers for their support and sponsorships.
Tear, Inc. is working to create a national brand that know's no bounds. We are working with other national nonprofits to help us achieve our goal to remove the term "At Risk" from our vocabulary. Our various national partnerships and sponsorships allows us to continue to expand our footprint and our mission.
If you are either thinking about sponsoring TEAR, Inc. or participating in one if its Christian, faith based programs, you can be at ease knowing that we are working hard to focus on the future of the populations we support, and their families. We are always looking for new ways to bring support and education for competency based training to the masses.

Corporate and Education Partners

  1. Apical Construction
    Apical Construction
    Apical Construction is one of our first employment partners and corporate sponsors. With donations ranging from monetary to employment opportunities, we are proud to be associated with such a great company.
  2. Pima Medical Institute
    Pima Medical Institute
    We are proud to announce a new partnership agreement with a premier medical education provider, with 17 locations throughout the country, opening up several opportunities for our participants to find success in the medical field.
  3. Canyon State Institute
    Canyon State Institute
    As a premier education provider for IT certifications. TEAR has formed a partnership that allows our participants to attend programs such as CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+.
  4. Bridgemark Insurance
    Bridgemark Insurance
    Bridgemark Insurance Group has been a strong supporter of TEAR from the beginning, and has become a premier corporate sponsor.

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